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Autism & Prosperity Kids Toys Quiet & Education Sensory Stim Alt Autistic Children Bundle, ASD Boys Girl Teen Special Needs Classroom No 1-3 Toddlers Age 3 4 5-7 8-12 Products Games Learning Materials

Autism & Prosperity Kids Toys Quiet & Education Sensory Stim Alt Autistic Children Bundle, ASD Boys Girl Teen Special Needs Classroom No 1-3 Toddlers Age 3 4 5-7 8-12 Products Games Learning Materials

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Brand: Autism & Prosperity

Color: Assorted


  • A SAFE, MORE DESIRABLE, (AND FUN!) ALTERNATIVE FOR UNSAFE/LESS-DESIRABLE AUTISM SENSORY-SEEKING - (Lab-tested, safe-to-use, and ASD-engaging stimulations [SUPER-WIDE SPECTRUM; from rough, fuzzy, bumpy, and much more textured squares to our push-resistance stimulation maze]) - Autistic children are often known for having sensory-seeking/stimming habits (like throwing/flapping hands/tearing/chewing/staring/etc.), looking for sensory feedbacks. Our brand's mission is to allow craving ASD children to receive sensory input in safe and appropriate ways.
  • 100% NOISE-FREE - CAN'T KEEP THEIR AUTISTIC HANDS BUSY *AND* SPARE (YOURSELF OR OTHERS IN PUBLIC) THE NOISE-HEADACHES? - (COMPACT [& includes a handy squares-drawstring-bag] to take anywhere & noise-free bundle) - Whether satisfying your ASD loved one's sensory needs in a noisy manner is an issue right now, or you're simply looking for a (much deserved, you strong AUTISM MOM!) QUIET RESTFUL MOMENT - we have you covered with our Quiet & Educative autism toys bundle.
  • AUTISM PARENT, RESPONSIBLY SEEKING EDUCATIONAL PROGRESS FOR YOUR CHILD? FOCUS-AID (compact, optimum-difficulty, and quiet fidget maze) & aid for TEACHING THROUGH ASD SENSORY FUN (matching skills & descriptive vocabulary; textured and colored squares that come in pairs) - Explore endless possibilities (start with provided activity guide!) to work on these educational values DURING(!) fun, ASD-ATTENTION-GRABBING sensory play, or provide on-the-go, silent, & satisfying sensory maze experience to aid better focus in ASD classes/lessons.
  • SUPPORT YOUR AUTISTIC LOVED ONE WHEN THEY FEEL ANXIOUS - (fun and brightly colored & high-quality, soft marble mat) - Rolling the marble inside our high-quality, super-soft fabric sensory maze will provide a satisfying sensory experience through the fingers that will aid in calming down stress. Compact enough for him to carry around anywhere, and made with bright colors that children love!
  • SEMI-HANDMADE ONE BY ONE, HIGH-QUALITY AND DURABLE BUNDLE FOR SERIOUS ASD FIDGETERS & 365 DAYS NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED WARRANTY - (High quality textured squares, well-sewn sensory maze) - Finding great & DURABLE toys for your picky & sensory seeking autistic child can be a very complicated task, we know that. This is the reason high durability was one of our top priorities when creating our 'Quiet & Educative' autism bundle, and why we backed it up with our 365 days no-questions-asked warranty. Enjoy it as you can & buy now.

Binding: Toy

Part Number: 5060614980452

Details: Our Quiet & Educative Sensory autism spectrum kit (Includes SUPER-WIDE SPECTRUM OF STIMULATIONS) supports & aids caring, loving AUTISM PARENTS TO: -HAVE A FUN, MORE-DESIRABLE & SAFER WAY FOR THEIR ASD CHILD TO STIM FOR CRAVED SENSORY FEEDBACK. -KEEP THEIR AUTISTIC CHILD'S HANDS BUSY, doing so QUIETLY (100% NOISE-FREE); GREAT FOR PUBLIC (it’s easily portable, too!) or having a (much-deserved!) AUTISM MOM REST -WORK ON EDUCATIONAL PROGRESS (DURING[!] ASD-ATTENTION-GRABBING SENSORY PLAY) -AID BETTER FOCUS -CALM DOWN -ALL WHILE USING DURABLE SENSORY TOOLS FOR HEAVY ASD SENSORY SEEKERS Textured Squares Features: *Incl an activity guide packed with educational activities that touch on matching & vocabulary. *Each tactile square shape: 2.5"–3" * 2.5"–3" *Textures: bumpy, furry, fuzzy, rough, scratchy, & more! *Thickness: includes 7 mini stuffed pillow pairs & 3 patch pairs Sensory Maze Features: *A marble has been placed between layers of fabric and is pushed around the rows. * 8.5" * 5.5" (EASILY PORTABLE) *Sewn well & durable. *SEMI-HANDMADE (ONE BY ONE) BUNDLE - No identical sets! Box Includes: 1 Sensory Maze, 20 Textured Squares (10 different pairs) with a short activity guide, & a handy drawstring bag Safety Instructions: *This item kit is intended for individual use, with adult supervision at all times. *Made well, but should be replaced at first sign of wear/tear to avoid a choking hazard (check before each use) *Min age / years old - 3 yr All of our ASD School Teachers / Teaching Help Equipment Essentials / Communication Accessories / ABA Ed / Nonverbal / Speech Must Haves / Teenager Supplies come with a 100%, no-questions-asked 365 days satisfaction guarantee. GREAT AS A GIFT. *TEMPORARY SPECIAL BONUS: ASD Digital course –How to deal with tantrums and emotional outbursts, and much more! (To receive it after making a purchase, message us on Amazon's messages center). Buy now.

EAN: 5060614980452

Package Dimensions: 7.3 x 5.7 x 3.3 inches

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