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Autism & Prosperity Kids Time Schedule Tasks Autistic Children Learning Materials ASD Boys Girl Teen Visual Timer Magnet Pec Card Special Needs No 1-3 Toddlers Age 3 4 5-7 8-12 Sensory Toys Chart Gift

Autism & Prosperity Kids Time Schedule Tasks Autistic Children Learning Materials ASD Boys Girl Teen Visual Timer Magnet Pec Card Special Needs No 1-3 Toddlers Age 3 4 5-7 8-12 Sensory Toys Chart Gift

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Brand: Autism & Prosperity

Color: Red


  • WORRIED ABOUT ASD PROGRESS (it takes time; be strong!), INDEPENDENCE, & BASIC LIFE SKILLS? Small wins stack up!- (VISUAL = UNDERSTANDABLE = GETS DONE) -Kiddo's struggling to transition (non-preferred activity, morning-routine)? to understand today's schedule? to stay on task? Or, spending too much/too little time completing tasks (brushing teeth, mealtime)? -ASD-effective communication can be a game-changer in empowering success in these basic life areas. Easy to use, large variety of activities
  • STRONG AUTISM MOM, BUT STILL DRAINED FROM CONSTANT TRANSITION FIGHTS & HABITUAL IMPATIENCE?-(Easy-to-follow magnets & visual timer w/ prominent red color&big digits)-If your daily routine includes endless transition arguments (like before leaving for school), or repetitive questions like "how long is 10 minutes" "when will dinner be ready" "when are we leaving" -sparing the headaches (both yours&your child's) can be simply a matter of explaining time and schedule in an understandable & clear way
  • AUTISM GAME CHANGER FOR LIMITING SCREEN-TIME & SETTING TIMEOUTS (we prefer "calm down time")-(Precise timing, NOT STRICTLY VISUAL: additional auditory cue with volume & duration settings)- If you hate to admit how much time your autistic child spends on his iPad, TV or YouTube and/or you struggle to pull off a simple timeout- conceptualizing time & preparing for the transitions using our precise visual timer can make a world of a difference. (Auditory alarm included to complement the visual cue)
  • SMOOTHER TRANSITIONS & ROUTINES, LESS ANXIETY, FEWER TANTRUMS, AND FEWER MELTDOWNS: AN EASIER LIFE FOR YOUR AUTISTIC LOVED ONE- (Easily portable & perfectly desk-sized visual timer [3.2"] and durable & highly adaptive visual schedule for day-to-day life [long/short/daily/weekly/and many more options])- Achieve predictability at all times & in any situation, thus leading your child through daily schedules much more easily and easing transitions while reducing related stress, tantrums, & meltdowns
  • GREAT (& TICKS-FREE!) ASD EDUCATION AID (visual timer) - UNDERSTAND URGENCY & DEADLINES, SWITCH BETWEEN SUBJECTS MORE EASILY, FOCUS ON TASK AT HAND BETTER - All by removing uncertainty and providing an ASD-effective & ticks-free, ASD-friendly time indication (*there IS an always-on [& volume-adjustable] alarm when time's up). Also, we offer a 365-DAYS, 0-QUESTIONS GUARANTEE. Try our bundle, or you will never find out how helpful it can turn out to be. We are always here to serve you. Buy now.

Binding: Toy

Part Number: 5060614980438

Details: β€œI have a teen who is on the spectrum. Transitions are smoother for him” β€œHas reduced the difficulty in switching tasks tremendously!” β€œreally helpful keeping him on task, and limiting screen time” Our Time Schedule Tasks ASD Bundle supports & aids caring, loving AUTISM PARENTS WHO ARE TRYING TO: -INCREASE THEIR CHILD'S INDEPENDENCE & SUCCESS IN BASIC LIFE AREAS/SKILLS -EASE THEIR DAY-TO-DAY LIFE -DEAL WITH ENDLESS SCREEN-TIME SESSIONS & UNSUCCESSFUL TIMEOUTS -HELP THIER AUTISTIC LOVED ONE ENJOY A CALMER & MORE PLEASANT DAY-TO-DAY LIFE (less anxiety, fewer tantrums, fewer meltdowns) -EASE ASD EDUCATION DIFFICULTIES IN SCHOOL / HOMESCHOOL (switching between subjects, taking too long to complete tasks, lack of focus) Visual Timer Features: *Set to 60 minutes/less *Set (always-present) alarm to - 3/60 seconds, higher/lower volume (*May still bother sound-sensitive autistics) *Ticks-free *Requires 2 "AAA" batteries (Not Included) Sizes:Activity Magnetic Picture Flash Cards - 2" x 2", Visual Timer Clock - 3.2" x 2.4" x 3.2" Tools & items included:1 set of Magnets (62 activities, 21 headings) & 1 Visual Timer Instructions (Timer): First time use: remove battery insulator. Turn clockwise to 55 minutes, then counterclockwise to desired time. The red disc will disappear as time goes by. When time is up, the alarm will go off. To interrupt it, reset back to 0 *IMPORTANT: Rotating past the "0" position may cause damage *Min age: 3 years old All of our Autism Home Equipment Essentials / Speech Therapy Products Accessories / ABA Teacher Classroom Educational Must Haves Boxes / Nonverbal Work / Teenager Supplies come with a 100%, no-questions-asked, 365-days-satisfaction guarantee. GREAT AS A GIFT *TEMPORARY SPECIAL BONUS: ASD Digital course –How to deal with tantrums and emotional outbursts, & much more (to receive it after purchasing, message us on Amazon's messages center). Buy now

EAN: 5060614980438

Package Dimensions: 5.3 x 4.9 x 3.1 inches

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